Controls and Supplements

EZ Organic Animal Control

EZ Organic Pest ControlEZ Organic Critter Control

This 100% organic formula is an effective way to rid properties of plant eating animals without harming them. Eliminates exposure to the toxic poisons contained in other control methods. Use this product directly on your landscape every time you water for continuous control.


EZ Critter Control can be safely mixed with all fertilizers and insect control. An initial barrier application, full strength if you have an existing problem or if not, 1 gallon per 10,000 square feet, is required. The suggested maintenance coverage rate thereafter is 1 pint per 10,000 square feet per mont

Controls and SupplementsCalcium Based Supplements

Calcium Based SupplementsCalcium is the second highest element in plant tissue and essential to plant health. Calcium strengthens cell tissue making the plant more disease resistant and better able to endure harsh weather conditions. Calcium also helps to reduce soil salinity which is the leading cause of trapped nutrients. Finally calcium supplements help fracture compacted soils which promotes water penetration and water retention.


EZ LiqGyp: Soil Conditioner for Alkaline Soils (high ph)
Application Rate - 2.5 gallons per 10,000 Square Feet
EZ SuperCal: Soil Conditioner for Acidic Soils (low ph)
Application Rate - 1.5 gallons per 10,000 Square Feet

Drought Defense

Drought DefenseDrought Defense alters the physical nature of water and changes a soil's ability to absorb and hold water. As water moves into the soil it is captured by the Drought Defense molecules in the root zone


EZ DroughtD: Soil Conditioner for Water Retention
Application Rate - 2.5 gallons per 10,000 Square Feet

ProKill Insect Control

This product is very toxic to insects but not to humans, pets or the environment. It is a nonsystemic product that can be applied full strength or diluted as required. There are no harsh chemical odors or staining. It can be applied every time you water for continuous control.

Suggested spray coverage rate - 1 quart for 10,000 sq. ft. per month.


ArkPro Animal Odor Control

The smell of decomposing animal waste can be highly offensive to people. Ark Pro is a 100% organic odor control that minimizes the offensive smell. Useful for homes, common areas, pet parks, stables and for farms.

Suggested spray coverage rate is 1 gallon per 500 square feet.