Frequently Asked Questions

Does my rain sensor work?

Your timer must be on sensor for your rain sensor to work. Be sure the button or dial is at the sensor position. Rain sensors are set at about 1/4" of rain. They will not turn your system off unless they are wet enough. Sometimes, with a lot of wind and sun, rain sensors can dry out rather quickly, and we recommend turning your system off for a few days if there is substantial rain. In doing so, you will not waste water or damage your plants by overwatering.

My sprinkler is coming on at the wrong times.

Make sure the timer is set correctly, and that the am/pm settings are correct on both your clock and your start times. You may have also accidentally added more than one start time for your programs. Check to make sure you only have the start times you need.

My sprinkler isn't coming on at all.

Make sure there is a display on your timer, and if so, make sure there is power at the outlet your controller is plugged into. Back up batteries may keep your display functioning, but will not run the sprinkler.

My drip zones are not working.

Drip waters underneath the mulch and you may not be able to see any water. Sometimes, you may see small circles of water at the surface.

Is my sprinkler leaking?

We get this type of call often when homeowners receive higher water bills, especially if there is new sod that must be kept wet for a long period of time. If you do have a leak in the system, the rest of the system will usually malfunction as well due to the loss of water pressure. Also, check your water meter. If the meter is not spinning when the system is off, there are no leaks. If your water bill is extremely high, follow the helpful hints on the next page.