Sprinkler Installation

Our systems are professionally designed tailored to each customer's needs. Each one is different but same standard exist... We don't cut corners!! 

We use only commercial grade products and design with head to head coverage in mind. This simply means that we space the heads properly to give even amounts of water fall.

Your job will be priced by the number of heads, indoor plumbing needed and the complexity of the job.

Your systems will be custom designed to fit your particular needs and lawn shape. We may seperate beds from lawn areas. We do handle some yards in phases; if a pool is being installed we could do the yard in phases front now back in the future.

If your are having a house built we would suggest calling us in advance so that we may work with your contractors to insure proper coordination of the installation.

Typically lawn needs to be graded, concrete or black top needs to be laid, we might suggest laying a pipe under concrete or black top before hand.

Next add landscaping ( we might suggest on complex bedding we come in first) before we come in to install and test the system, after which your lawn should be seeded or soded.

Installing an irrigation system in an older home is no problem.  We request you notify us if your are planning to add a fence, shed or pool to your property so that we can plan accordingly.


We try to accommodate everyone's schedule but spring and summer season is our busiest time so please book early!! 


Our installations are second to none. We leave the property the way we found it. If the ground is hard and rooty we will soil and seed over any rough spots after installation. We plow in the pipe instead of trenching for a neater job. 

Generally, installation takes 1 day depending on the size and complexity.  When installation is completed, either the foreman or the sales representative will do a walk through and show you how to operate your new system and answer any questions you may have. A list of zones will be supplied and will explain where heads are located in the yard so you have total control of each zone.

No matter how big or small your needs, each customer receives the same care and dedication from our team. We're committed to your satisfaction therefore, we encourage our customers to contact us with any questions or concerns they might have.


Summer's too short to pull hoses when you could be with your family and friends enjoying life!!


Please e-mail or call us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation at your residence or business.

From your first contact to our office to the installation crew and any later service requirements you may have, you will see our professionalism in action. That's the reason we are "The Lawn Sprinkler Professionals".