Featured Project

A combined effort of Steven Braun, Nick Spurback and Daniel pierce all Huron Sprinkler long time employees...

Oh baby Here it is ....Huron Sprinklers premier Drip irrigation and lawn irrigation job for 2013 ... If you own potted plants and hanging baskets on your deck you have to check this one out....This beautiful house is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Woodcock in the Youngstown area, the owners of Rich mar electric.

The house is built on lake Ontario and is done to the 9's with detailed craftsmanship as you could see from the entrance way to the high end deck that would rival most patios in New Orleans...The entrance way has hanging baskets attached to the lamp poles that Huron irrigated from a drip system... The driveway is 400 feet long pulling hoses is not an option. We watered 40 feet off the driveway with 5000 rotors to make the green curvy entrance way.



The circle driveway and back yard are watered from the irrigation system along with the football size back yard are tied into a dedicated 1.5 inch water line. Here's the real treat, no more watering hanging baskets or potted plants on the back deck....Now the owner is enjoying the weekend with his wife and not running home on those hot days to keep his annuals alive.... You see the investment here but this project could be scaled down...



Huron could put a drip zone in for 1 or 100 hanging baskets just ask how..... We tailor every sprinkler to your needs as a homeowner.... If you want 1 zone or multiple zones, no job is too big or small...That's why even the birds are humming about this one.