Featured Property

Preview our work! View one of our recently completed projects and see screenshots of the finished sprinkler systems. The foreman for this job was Marty Price.

The owner of this house was completely renovating his property, inside and out.  At any given time there were up to 6 trades (landscapers, electricians, masons, etc..) working at once!  Huron took close consideration to the clients needs and worked hand in hand with the landscapers desires to accomplish a common goal.

One of the newest additions to our team Marty Price, managed the coordination and execution of the installation of a very complex sprinkler system and he did it flawlessly.  Marty brings over 20 years of experience in the field and regardless of a highly demanding timeline completed the installation in only 3 days, with frequent visits to answer questions and prepare to start the project. 



This project had over 18 separate zones!

The contractor had an explicit separation of zones and the final breakdown involved 18!  These zones separated the lawn from shrubs and other specific flowering beds as opposed to the typical coverage from turf heads.  This allows precise control over the amount of water reaching varying flora.  Additionally the zones allow for back and forth watering behind and in front of plants and other landscaping for a complete coverage of roots.


The final system.

The final system included over 80 heads on less than half an acre of property.  Each head was gauged to a specific amount of water flow calibrated to each bed/zone's specific watering needs.  Further customization was needed to address potential drowning where zones might overlap.

Oh yeah, did we mention that our systems can be set up to be controlled remotely?


Here are a few more shots of the new system being winterized. Our winterizing service clears your lines of any water so they do not suffer damage during the freezing months. We can service old and new systems whether they were installed by Huron Sprinklers or not!


In the end...

Even the squirrels were nuts about our sprinkler systems! Contact Us today to see what we can do for your lawn!