We provide a professional Irrigation system design and Installation, for both Residential and Commercial properties. Our head spacing will be just right to give you that perfect head to head coverage to water properly; our trenchers allow us to use a vibratory plow for trenchless installation, and have minimal disturbance to existing grass and soil. Between our Installation and Service crews having over 100 years combined of experience and knowledge in the irrigation and green industry, we believe that we can do the job for you.

Allow us the pleasure of showing you what Huron Sprinklers can do for you.

Installation and Service

Huron Sprinklers will design a second to none lighting system to highlight many areas of your home and landscape. If you have spent countless hours watering and adding landscape to your property why not showcase it with some low voltage lighting.


Spring Openings

Huron will schedule a day and time that will be convenient for you, so that we may gain access to turn the water supply on. At that time we will program your controller for the season, run through every zone and ensure all heads are adjusted and rotating and spraying as they should. At that time we may come across minor repairs to the system as needed to keep it running efficiently.


Fall Closings

Consist of turning the water supply off to the sprinklers, and using an air compressor to purge and drain all the water out of the lines to prevent any freezing during the winter months. Huron does warranty all closings the systems.


Revamp of system

We can also redesign your system if you have a pool, patio or any other type of work done on your property.



Do you have a sprinkler system only in the front, and want to add the back yard? Huron can add onto your current sprinkler system.