The EZ-FLO Advantage

The EZ-FLO Advantage over dry fertilization methods.

Cost Savings

  • Organic based fertilizers and amendments provided by EZ-FLO Alliance Partners are typically less expensive than chemical fertilizers.
  • EZ-FLO equipment eliminates virtually all application labor.
  • One step application of fertilizers, soil amendments, insect control, critter control or any other product required to solve landscape problems and improve plant health while increasing soil biology.

Sustainable Horticultural Practices

  • Organic based fertilizers and amendments improve soil fertility, help remediate toxic elements in soils and reverse the damage done to the soil by chemical products.
  • More options are available to deal with the full spectrum of horticultural conditions that can be present in landscape applications.
  • EZ-FLO virtually eliminates all chemical runoff into rivers and streams as well as chemical leaching into ground waters.
  • Water use can be reduced by 20% to 50%.
  • Fertilizer requirements can be reduced from 70% to 90%.
  • Herbicide and pesticide use can be reduced by 50% or more.

The EZ-FLO Advantage over other fertigation equipment.

Patented Flow Technology

  • EZ-FLO uses fully concentrated products so no premixing or pre-dilution is required as compared to other equipment that requires products to be pre-diluted by 3 to 10 times. This means that EZ-FLO has 3 to 10 times the capacity as other same sized equipment and since no premixing is required, it is easier to refill.
  • EZ-FLO is manufactured to the highest standards and it has no moving parts. This makes EZ-FLO the most durable equipment in the market - 5 Year Warranty.
  • EZ-FLO has a wide range of adjustability. Products can be delivered very quickly if required to resolve an issue immediately or in "micro-dosing" amounts, over an extended period of time, which provides the maximum plant nutrient uptake.
  • EZ-FLO is the only equipment that can deliver virtually any type of concentrated liquid or water soluble product without the risk of plugging. Other equipment requires products to be heavily pre-diluted to avoid plugging. This is especially important when dealing with heavy organic products.

Extensive Product Line and Customer Support

  • One of the largest distribution and sales networks in this market segment.
  • Systems are available for landscapes of virtually every size of application - from small vegetable gardens and residential landscapes to city parks, sports fields, HOA's, amusement parks and agriculture.
  • Web based Authorized Installer Training for professional installers.
  • The most extensive line of organic, natural and synthetic fertilizers, organic soil supplements and controls in this market segment.
  • There is no requirement to use EZ-FLO tested products only.