Fertilizers & Bio-Stimulants

The Organic and Natural Advantage

Using EZ-FLO to add organic materials to soil greatly improves soil fertility while it counteracts the negative affect chemical fertilizers have had on soil fertility. Organic fertilizers and biostimulants are products that contain carbon humates and other soil enriching materials. Soils rich in humates greatly improve a plant's ability to uptake nutrients and to establish healthy root structures.

Carbon Based Organic Fertilizers and Bio-Stimulants

  • Stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi for a healthy root zone
  • Convert nutrients in the soil to more readily available forms
  • Promote more effective water penetration, transmission and retention
  • Provide stored energy for plant growth
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers

Use Less Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers shortcut the organic cycle and feed the plants directly without tending to the soil's health. Studies have proven that chemical fertilizers rapidly deplete soil fertility which then requires the use of more and more fertilizer to get the same results. This negative cycle can be reversed by using EZ-FLO to reintroduce humic substances back into the soil through the irrigation system. Use of carbon based fertilizers and bio-stimulants can reduce the need for fertilizers by 50% or more! The following organic fertilizers, natural fertilizers and organic bio-stimulants have been tested by EZ-FLO and have shown to provide superior results.

Organic Bio-Stimulants

Live Earth Products

Live Earth

Liquid 6

  • EZ LE6: Bio-stimulant that is high in humic acids. It conditions the soil and water while it buffers salts.

Great 8

  • EZ LE Great 8: Bio-stimulant that is high in humic and fulvic acids along with Norwegian sea kelp and a yucca surfactant. It also contains biologicals and micro nutrients. Extremely good for soil conditioning and removing salts.

Turf ProTurf Pro USA

Turf Pro

  • EZ TurfPro: Bio-Stimulant and soil conditioner that is high in humic and fulvic acids with a complete package of active biologicals and a full spectrum of micro nutrients. Extremely good for soil conditioning.

Turf Pro Plus

  • EZ TurfPlus: Turf Pro with the addition of chelated (non-staining) iron for enhanced greening.

              Application rate for the above products - 1 Quart per 10,000

              square feet per month.

Agri GroAgri Gro

Organic Nutrition Supplement

  • EZ LNS: Bio-stimulant and soil conditioner with micro nutrients.

              Application rate for the above product - 1 Pint per 10,000square

              feet per month.

Organic and Natural Fertilizers

Live Earth Products

Live Earth - Carbon Balanced Liquid Fertilizer

Live Earth carbon balanced fertilizers combine organic bio-stimulants with organic and synthetic Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash to provide a complete, organically balanced fertilization program for virtually all types of growing requirements. These products improve the soil conditions while they provide essential nutrients.
Harmony 6-2-6

  • EZ LEF 626: Excellent year round fertilizer. It promotes moderate top growth and strong root development and soil conditioning. Excellent for the entire landscape. 
Harmony Plus 18-3-4
  • EZ LEF 1834P: Excellent year round formula for the entire landscape. Added greening for turf and essential macro nutrients with iron for good plant health for turf, shrubs and flowers with moderate top growth, strong root development and excellent soil conditioning.

Blitz 22-0-0

  • EZ LEF 2200: Landscape green up formula. Non-burning carbon balanced Nitrogen good for the entire landscape, especially turf, in the high heat part of the season to meet the higher Nitrogen demands of the turf. It promotes good greening with moderate top growth, strong root development and excellent soil conditioning.

Blitz Plus 22-0-0

  • EZ LEF 2200P: This is the same as Blitz 22-0-0 but with an added 6% chelated (non-staining) iron for enhanced greening.

Emerald Green 8-4-8

  • EZ LEF 848: A significant breakthrough in liquid fertilizer technology. Its unique three way chelation system provides unprecedented nutrient availability to the plant providing exceptional greening and plant health year round. It promotes moderate top growth, strong root development and excellent soil conditioning.

Mega GreenMega Green - 100% OMRI Certified Liquid Fertilizer

  • MG231: Hydrolized, virtually odor free, fish product rich in amino acids which provide plant protein to enhance plant health; provides moderate growth and deep greening. Good for all turf and landscape applications.

              Application rates for the above products - ½ gallon trees and

              shrub, 1 gallon turf, per 10,000 sq. ft. per month

Synthetic Fertilizers

Water Soluble Fertilizers


  • GRM 102030: Good starter, transplant and winterizer formula. It promotes root growth and helps prevent transplant shock. Good cool weather blend.


  • GRM 251510: This formula is good for the entire landscape throughout the growing season. It promotes vigorous growth, vibrant colors and blooms.


  • GRM 28818: Good turf formula. It promotes maximum turf greening without excessive top growth while it strengthens the root system which promotes drought tolerance.


  • GRM 202020: This is a general purpose, balanced formula for turf, ornamentals, flowering shrubs and bedding plants. 

              Application rate for the above products - 5 pounds trees

              and shrubs, 10 pounds turf, per 10,000 sq. ft. per month