Organically Balanced Fertilizer

Organically Balanced - Highly Concentrated

EZ-GRO water soluble fertilizers combine plant nutrients with concentrated organic biostimulants and beneficial micro-biology. This provides incredible results, superior economics and ease of application while it promotes sustainable horticultural practices.

Organic Fertilizer

Consistent greening and growth from week 1 to week 4 - applied at 1/3 pound per 1,000 square feet.

Incredible Results - A Little Does A Lot

  • Up to 20 times more coverage capacity
  • Use 70% less than other water soluble fertilizers
  • Use 95% less than dry fertilizers
  • Use 90% less than liquid fertilizers
  • Superior Results
  • Eliminates waste

Because EZ-GRO fertilizers are highly concentrated (up to 20 times the coverage capability of other fertilizers) you can use 70% to 95% less fertilizer and have superior results. The results shown are from applying EZ-GRO at a rate of 1/3 of a pound per 1,000 square feet per month. In comparison, synthetic water soluble fertilizers are applied at a rate of 1 pound per 1,000 square feet, dry fertilizers at a rate of 6 pounds per 1,000 square feet and liquid fertilizers at a rate of 15 oz. per 1,000 square feet.

Superior Economics

  • Save 20% to 30% on fertilizer costs
  • Save on equipment costs

The cost of EZ-GRO fertilizer is higher than other products when it is compared on a per pound basis but actually costs up to 30% less due to its high concentration and coverage capabilities. EZ-GRO fertilizers are highly concentrated and the nutrient uptake is more efficient than with other products due the organic bio-stimulants and micro-biology. EZ-GRO eliminates the water in liquid products and the inert material in dry products. This concentrated nutrient package adds efficiency. It reduces capital equipment costs because a smaller EZ-FLO system can be used to cover a larger area. It also reduces transportation costs and is easier to handle and store.

All Purpose

EZ-GRO All Purpose Plant Food
EZG 23-13-10 Organically balanced water soluble fertilizer with micro nutrients that is high in humic and fulvic acids along with a complete package of biologicals and mycorrhizae. Perfect all landscape and growing applications.
            Application rate - 1 pound per 3,000 square feet per month


EZ-GRO Soil Fertility Booster
EZG SFB The same water soluble organic bio-stimulant that as in the EZ-GRO All Purpose Plant Foods. It can be added to other liquid and water soluble fertilizers.
            Application rate - 1 ounce per 3,500 square feet per month