Technical Specifications

Prior to the development of EZ-FLO's technology, fertigation equipment was complex, expensive and required larger storage tanks to handle diluted products. EZ-FLO's technology changes that by making fertigation simple, inexpensive and inconspicuous. With an EZ-FLO system you simply fill the tank with concentrated products, set the feed dial and the rest is automatic. The following time lapse photos of a clear EZ-FLO system in operation demonstrate how the technology works. EZ-FLO's patented, fluid flow technology creates separation of fertilizer and water which prevents dilution with the unique ability to consistently meter all elements of the fertilizer mix, from start to finish. Because EZ-FLO does the proportional mixing of fully concentrated products in the bottom of the tank there is no need for pre-diluted liquids as compared to other injectors. As a result an EZ-FLO system has the same delivery capacity as other injectors with tanks 2 to 10 times larger.



EZ-FLO Technical Specifications



Proportioning Specifications

EZ-Flo Technical Specs

EZ-Flo Technical Specs


*Ratio refers to the amount of water mixed with the fertilizer. For example, a 400 : 1 ratio means 400 gallons of water will be mixed with 1 gallon of fertilizer solution.
In Line connection is based on a 1" coupling. Hose bib units converted for use in an in line installation will have the same proportioning ratio as in line units.