Rochester Lawn Sprinklers


Our Rochester Lawn Sprinkler systems are custom designed to meet each of our customers irrigation needs. Each property is measured and designed to meet our customers irrigation needs and provide a high quality, environmentally friendly system. Our Lawn Sprinkler head spacing will be just right to give you that perfect head to head coverage to water properly. Additionally, our trenchers allow us to use a vibratory plow for trenchless installation and allows minimal disturbance to existing grass and soil.


Residential Rochester Lawn Sprinklers

Rochester Lawn SprinklerBy using the latest Rochester Lawn Sprinkler products we can save homeowners up to 65% in water use. Once the Lawn Sprinkler system is designed and given the go ahead, the project will undergo it's construction. The installation crew from Huron Sprinklers will install your lawn sprinkler system using the latest installation equipment and methods to guarantee a clean and efficient project. Once the installation is complete, our staff will walk you through your new system. During this process,  we will make sure that you understand the Rochester Lawn Sprinkler system and that your expectations have been met. If you would like to book an appointment to have an estimate completed, please contact us today!

Commercial Lawn Sprinklers Systems

Huron Sprinklers is the commercial irrigation leader in Rochester. With a skilled installation crew with over a 100 years combined of experience and knowledge, we can handle several large commercial projects at once. Our crews are trained and required to work at the highest level of quantity. To Huron Sprinklers, quality means delivering a system that exceeds your expectations, while meeting all construction schedules. Our Lawn Sprinklers System installations are completed in compliance with all specifications. 

We offer design build services for many commercial customers and work with them to design and install a quality irrigation sprinkler system within their budget constraints. All installations are completed using the latest trenching equipment and techniques to ensure a quality Rochester Lawn Sprinkler installation. If you have a commercial irrigation project and would like and estimate, please contact us today!