WNY Landscape Lighting

Summer, winter, fall, or spring, the best way to make your home and property look amazing is with stylish landscaping that defines your personal style. And the best way to highlight your landscaping is with professional landscape lighting. If your home is located anywhere in the western New York area, you won't find a better company to design and install the lighting for your landscaping than Huron Sprinklers.

The Perfect Lighting for a Perfect Home

At Huron Sprinklers, we have decades of experience designing and installing unique lighting solutions for landscaping surrounding western New York homes and businesses. Our design team will work with you to design a lighting solution that is ideal for your home or business, rather than some generic one-size-fits-all lighting solution. Your ideas combined with our experience will create the perfect landscape lighting at a cost that stays within your budget.

The reason we can make this promise is because we stock hundreds of types of lights and lighting equipment. At Huron Sprinklers, we have path lighting, house lighting, pond and pool lighting, hanging lights, free standing lights, and more. Our lights comes in hundreds of shapes, styles, intensity, and colors. We don't just offer the option of creativity when designing the lighting for your western New York home landscaping, we encourage it. Furthermore, we can also program your lighting in various ways to help you save power or simply to better show off the beauty of your home or yard.

Hassle Free Installation

Once your lighting design is finalized, our installation team will set up your new landscape lighting as quickly as possible. Every member of our team is an expert an installation and we go out of our way to cause only the minimum damage to your property that is necessary to finish the job, and then we clean up and repair everything afterwards. With fast, high quality installation that leaves your home looking like new, how can you not trust Huron Sprinklers to light your landscape in western New York?

WNY Landscape Lighting